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A better way to altitude train, period!

Altitude training and Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT) have been used by athletes for over 40 years to gain exceptional stamina and endurance for their sporting events. Traditional altitude training requires a move to a high altitude camp for 2-10 weeks but the beneficial effects only last for 2 weeks after the athlete returns to sea level. The costs for this type of training are high and the effects only temporary. Altitude tents are sealed enclosures with reduced oxygen levels equal to 10,000 ft where athletes sleep 8-12 hours a night for 30 days. They cost $7000 to buy or $400 per month to rent.

AltoLab is a revolutionary new IHT device that is the simplest and most effective altitude simulator on the market today.

AltoLab is a small, plastic, rebreather device that lowers your body's oxygen to levels found at high altitudes. It is used for only a few minutes at a time by alternating breathing between fresh air and the AltoLab unit.

Read more about how AltoLab is used and how it improves athletic performance and stamina at sea level and how it helps acclimate mountaineers and skiers living at sea level who are planning adventures for high altitudes.

Clinical research at Ohio State University shows that AltoLab is clearly the most portable and most effective Live High, Train Low altitude simulator on the market today.



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